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Bali Travel

Bali Travel
Updated bali travel information such as accommodation services, art, culture, gallery, souvenirs, events, vacation destination and activities in Bali.

Bakers Pride

Most of us don’t consider using a Bakers Pride Hotplate, or countertop range. The term is very reminiscent of summer camp or camping with friends and family. But this is not the device we’re talking about – this type of unit is a fully functioning range that can stand up to any cooking challenge. It’s a great space saver as well, especially if you already have a separate oven.

Inexpensive Holiday in Dubai

Dubai is connected with the all things luxury and glamour. The city is full of shopping malls for rich tourists, nightclubs and restaurants are expensive, as well as luxury hotels that charge exorbitant. However, the notion that Dubai is an expensive tourist destinations is not entirely true. The city was also provides many options you who want a cheap holiday.

There are many ways in which holidays to Dubai can be friends with the bag budget traveler. Although cheap travel style, does not mean a trip to Dubai becomes memorable. To plan a trip to Dubai frugal, consider some of these tips.

Public transport

To get around Dubai, most of the tourists usually use Dubai City Bus Tours which tariffs are quite expensive for the size of the budget traveler. Actually, there are far cheaper and no less comfort. Dubai has a public transport system is quite good. Most famous sights are reachable by bus, metro and waterbus.

Using public transport is much more impressive than Dubai City Bus Tours that most of the passengers just mere tourists. You can observe and interact directly with a highly multiethnic population of Dubai. Now also offered tourist daypass the price is quite cheap. If you use this daypass tourist, tourists can ride all types of public transport without limit in a day.

Cheap shopping spots

For most people of Indonesia, activities overseas holiday is not complete without shopping event. As one of the world’s shopping tourism destinations, Dubai also offers many choices of cheap shopping. The city is the right place to shop for electronic products, textiles and handicraft items from the Middle East and India.


Dubai is not a backpacker haven like Bangkok and Penang are full of cheap hostels and guesthouses. But there are quite a lot of budget hotels at a rate not much different class hotels in cities other tourist destinations such as Singapore and Hong Kong.