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Bali Travel

Bali Travel
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Avalon Bali Villa: A Private Place to Stay with Family

Avalon Bali Villa

Avalon Bali Villa

Bali is an island in Indonesia that endless of charm for the tourists. Though it is only a small tropical island, its popularity is spread around the world. Bali is mainly popular for its wonderful nature and the high value of cultural heritage. In the island, you can find beautiful beaches that famous for their sunset and friendly waves throughout the year. Surfers around the globe love to come to Bali and enjoy the prefect wave. When the sunset comes, it will be so romantic to walk along the coast. Another thing that makes Bali famous is its cultural heritage. The surfing paradise offers dance performance every night that mostly depict their faith to the god. At certain times, tourist can watch the great traditional ceremonies performed by Balinese.

Since this island becomes a world-class tourist destination, it has complete accommodations to choose. Villas are available in many areas in Bali to cater tourists’ need of the best accommodation. One of private villas you can find is the Avalon Bali Villa. This villa consists of seven Suite Private Villa to fulfill tourists’ need of tranquil accommodation. It is located in Canggu, a small village near Seminyak, the upscale tourism area in Bali. The villa offers views that are distinctively Bali; they are the green rice field and coconut trees. Though the architecture is designed by an international architect, the Balinese philosophy is still maintained well. It is also surrounded by lush tropical garden for a fresher atmosphere.

Indoor Living
Villa is a type of accommodation targeted for family or groups. It offers more spacious rooms and private facilities like kitchen and family room. Thus, you have more privacy when staying at villa. You don’t need to be afraid bothering others when you hold barbeque until late at night. This kind of privacy is also offered by Avalon. It has 2 floors with 4 bedrooms: they are 2 master suites and 2 guest suites. Each of the master suites is equipped with modern amenities for total comfort. Meanwhile, the 2 guest suites are designed to present romantic atmosphere. This is a self-contained unit where the guests can have more privacy during their stay.

Outdoor Living
Avalon not only focuses on the indoor living design but also the outdoor living. You can find tropical garden surround the villa for a relaxing situation. In addition, lounging chairs are available around the main pool to accommodate your activities on the pool.
To accompany your evening time, a Joglo has been built at the end of the main pool. Joglo is a traditional building of Java where you can enjoy relaxing time with family or friends. The sound of waves from the nearby Canggu Beach will add a natural atmosphere during your stay.

Facilities and Services
There are some facilities and services available for the guests. In the era when people need to access the internet more often, Avalon provides free WiFi through the entire villa. A kitchen equipped with its appliances is available to cook your favorite foods. A large swimming pool surrounded by lush tropical garden is always full of fresh water for the guests. For a romantic and unforgettable dinner time, Avalon has a dining pavilion decorated in a natural design. An entertainment room is also available to get rid of the boredom. The room is loaded with board games, books, DVD player, flat-screen TV and lounges.
The outdoor living can also be used for a venue of any occasions. Guests can hire the landscape of the villa to hold special occasions like wedding, birthday party or even company outing. The event coordinator can also help you arrange entertainment for your occasion such as traditional dance or acoustic band.

Avalon Bali Villa can be your choice for a private stay with family or groups. Just like any other villas, it also comes with facilities to cater your need”